One day, while exploring the abandoned Packard motor car factory / plant in Detroit, my friends and I came upon the following image spraypainted on a stairway wall:


This image appears to represent the "Ma Bell" bell logo, with a pair of hairy testicles (balls) in the place where one would expect to see the bell ringer. Hence the inscription, "Ma' Balls".

Below the image is inscribed the text: DTRTMIPK

The DTRTMIPK text seems to be in the form of a CLLI code; a code used by the telephone company to identify a location for network switching elements. The DTRTMI section refers to Detroit, Michigan, and the last two letters refer to a specific building location within the city. As far as I can tell, there is no actual DTRTMIPK CLLI code. However, the Detroit "Plaza" DMS-100 central office, DTRTMIPE, is located only a few blocks from the Packard plant:

Detroit Plaza DMS-100 Central Office near the Packard plant. DTRTMIPE

My friends and I would really love to know who drew this image in the Packard plant. We imagine that there probably aren't too many people who share the hobbies of phone phreaking and urban exploration with us. If you drew this image or know who did, would you please drop me a line at Thank you; I am really looking forward to hearing from you.